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Boss proficiency
Tech and notable strats

Navigating heated rooms without immunity to heat damage.

269 strat(s)

The ability to enter Morph Ball while in the air, where the vertical space or time in which Samus needs to morph is moderately constrained. There can be an expectation to Morph quickly as well, usually following a jump from the ground. In air physics this includes jumping and morphing in a 4 tile high space, into a morph tunnel that is not at the top of that space. In water physics this includes jumping and morphing in a 3 tile high space (Samus takes up 2.625 tiles when standing).

Dependencies: canTrivialMidAirMorph

27 strat(s)

Jump off walls, as taught by the Etecoons.

157 strat(s)

The ability to use the Speed Booster to store a shinecharge, then fly in a direction until an obstacle is hit or Samus gets down to 29 energy. Assumes Samus can shinespark vertically or diagonally from the ground.

221 strat(s)

Can use Ice Beam to freeze enemies to use as platforms or as wall jump supports, to reach higher areas

Dependencies: canUseEnemies

46 strat(s)

Using an enemy in a room to accomplish something that couldn't be done if it weren't there, e.g. when standing on or grappling from an enemy.

17 strat(s)

Notable strats

Let the Snails (Yards) dig through the sand and follow them. They will not dig while off screen or while Samus is facing them, even while morphed.

Navigating underwater without Gravity. This is not required for falling down a submerged room or for simple underwater platforming, such as where missing a jump does not leave Samus stuck somewhere.

185 strat(s)

It is possible to use Spring Ball while mid-air, if Samus is still climbing upwards. This gives an additional jump, allowing her to go higher. This can be done by morphing in mid-air, then quickly turning on Spring Ball while still climbing upwards, and then jumping again. This is often done most easily by buffering the Spring Ball jump: while unpausing after turning on Spring Ball, press and hold jump starting anytime after the pause menu has finished fading out (i.e. while the screen is black). This is often combined with a crouch jump to gain a bit more height.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph

166 strat(s)

Infinite Bomb Jump (IBJ) uses consecutive bomb jumps to gain height indefinitely. To start and continue an IBJ, place a bomb as the previous one is exploding. The vertical speed with which Samus moves is controlled by how high or how low each bomb is placed relative to the previous one. The speed of the IBJ ranges from moving fairly fast with high bombs, to no movement or even losing height with low bomb placements. It is possible to place a single Power Bomb while climbing during an IBJ, and then switch back to Bombs to continuing the climb without falling.

147 strat(s)

Executing a jump that requires somewhat precise or unintuitive movement.

204 strat(s)

The ability to crouch before jumping to reach higher ledges. Commonly paired with a down-grab or a mid-air Spring Ball jump.

57 strat(s)

The ability to aim down to reduce Samus' hitbox to reach higher ledges. Commonly paired with a Crouch Jump.

55 strat(s)

Climbing a wall with three or more consecutive wall jumps without a mistake.

44 strat(s)

The ability to shinespark horizontally from the ground. This can be achieved by starting without horizontal momentum and pressing jump and then forward while still holding jump (or repressing jump). These inputs can be done in rapid succession or with a short delay. Shinesparking in water can be done the same way, but requires a slightly longer delay between the jump and forward presses, and it is particularly important to ensure Samus has no horizontal momentum.

Dependencies: canShinespark

28 strat(s)

A wall jump that needs to be performed at a fairly precise spot in order to yield the desired result.

36 strat(s)

The ability to perform simple jumps with a shinespark charge timer running to get into position to shinespark. This reposition may be necessary to avoid obstacles, conserve energy, etc.

Dependencies: canShinespark

80 strat(s)

Turning off Gravity Suit right after the start of an underwater jump to achieve a much higher jump. Can be performed in water, lava, or acid.

Dependencies: canDisableEquipment

27 strat(s)

Using the small vertical knockback from taking enemy damage, while not holding any directional inputs, to assist Samus in her movement.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies

14 strat(s)

Using Space Jump to bounce along the water line. It can be used to escape the water with a wall jump, or to get onto low platforms just above the water level.

Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia

17 strat(s)

Place a single bomb then move Samus to the side to be boosted horizontally from the explosion. This is typically used as a way to cross gaps or to reposition at the end of an IBJ. Press forward while in the air to carry the momentum farther. Since it only uses one bomb, it can be executed with a Power Bomb or a bomb. It is not assumed by this tech, but it is possible to move forward just before the explosion in order to gain more horizontal momentum.

13 strat(s)

The ability to spinjump with Charge beam stored. Pseudo screw gives Samus some protection from projecitles and enemies. It will damage enemies who are vulnerable to this attack and Samus will only take damage if the enemy takes damage and is not killed.

24 strat(s)

Collecting equipment can make movement more difficult in certain situations. Speedbooster will reduce Samus' jump height and turning Speedbooster off will return the jump height to normal. Disabling HiJump will give more time to perform a mid-air morph. Disabling Gravity will allow Samus to float farther in water, or jump slower for a mid-air morph. Beams may need to be disabled to control how enemies are killed (i.e. Remove plasma for canUseFrozenEnemies, or remove ice to effeciently use heat room farm points).

30 strat(s)

The ability to scroll the camera to bring enemies or projectiles on or off camera. Most enemes become inactive while off camera, and most projectiles cease to exist. This can be done by jumping in place; changing Samus' hitbox with aim down will scroll the camera lower. By running back and forth the camera will scroll horizontally; Moonwalk can be used to camera scroll without travelling as far.

11 strat(s)

Understanding game behavior related to how the planet is awakened. The planet is awakened by unlocking any gray door locked by killing enemies in the room (not including bosses or minibosses). Pit Room, Baby Kraid Room, Metal Pirates Room, and Plasma Room are the places where this can be done in the randomizer. Awakening the planet causes enemies to spawn in Parlor, Climb, Morph Ball Room, Construction Zone, and Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room. It also causes the item in the left side of Morph Ball Room and in The Final Missile to spawn. The item and enemies in Pit Room do not spawn until entering with Morph and Missiles collected, regardless of whether the planet is awake. If the quality-of-life option 'All items spawn from start' is enabled, as it is by default, then the items will already be spawned anyway, but awakening the planet can still matter because of its effects on enemies.

9 strat(s)

Can shoot blue & green gates from either side using Hyper Beam during the escape. This is easy to do; this tech just represents knowing it can be done. This is based on a randomizer patch applied on all settings (as in the vanilla game it isn't possible to open green gates using Hyper Beam.)
Notable strats

Have Samus shoot the shot block revealing the item and then quickly get hit by an enemy at the peak of her jump in order to reach the item. No directional inputs should be held while getting hit by the enemy in order to have a neutral boost and reach the item. This is traditionally done with the swooping Reo; after a few failed tries, it may help to reset the room to reposition it. The global Geemer may be easier to use, although it takes longer to get there; jump as it starts moving horizontally again while it is 3 tiles away from the item.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canAwakenZebes

Wall jump on the top half of the Geega pipe, then on the overhang.
Dependencies: canPreciseWalljump

Wall jump up the left wall and then on the moving platform (Kamer) while avoiding the Fune's fireball. The Kamers will temporarily move down if Samus is below them, so it is best to walk under the first Kamer before climbing the wall. It is possible to freeze or kill the Fune with a Super or Power Bomb to make things easier.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies

Use a bomb explosion to jump horizontally over the GT crumble blocks.
Dependencies: canBombHorizontally

Fight Botwoon without Gravity suit. The left corner can be used to avoid most attacks and may be worth using even in the opening of the fight for safety.
Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia

Use Charge and Wave to kill Botwoon from the right, through the wall.
Dependencies: canDodgeWhileShooting, canSuitlessMaridia

Kill Draygon by grappling to the top left turret. Number of Draygon hits seems to vary, taking a worst case guess at 5.
Dependencies: canUseGrapple

Using the momentum from jumping through a doorway from normal to water physics.

Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia

74 strat(s)

Starting from an air environment, run into water and charge a spark in the water. This is typically done while crossing a door transition from a room with air physics to a room with water. This is easy to do; the tech just represents knowledge that it is possible.

Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia

18 strat(s)

The ability to jump and shinespark mid-air: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Mid-air horizontal sparks are the most tricky. They can be performed by spin jumping, breaking spin, initiating the shinespark without holding jump, then pressing jump and forward. One of the easiest methods is to hold forward the entire time, spin jump, release jump at the desired height, tap either up or the diagonal up angle button, then tap or press jump again (while up/angle is no longer pressed). The timing of the jump after the up/angle is fairly lenient and doesn't need to be rushed. Note that mid-air shinesparks can't be performed from a fall, only from a jump.

Dependencies: canShinespark, canHorizontalShinespark

93 strat(s)

The ability to control Samus while under the effects of sand physics. This includes the ability to perform a clean jump from the top of sand, to platform while impeded by sandfalls, and to escape from a sand floor in water with Gravity. This also allows using a sandfall to escape a sand floor with HiJump, and using Bombs to escape a 1-tile deep sand pit, and to cross on top of sand with no items, by spin jumping from the surface and canceling spin before landing. This does not include simply falling through sand or touching a negligible sandfall or using Spring Ball to avoid interacting with the sand.

52 strat(s)

The ability to run from, jump over, or duck under attacks that do not require precise avoidance movements while shooting the enemy.

110 strat(s)

The ability to use Ice Beam to freeze enemies in especially precise positionings. If supers are available, they can be used to knock wall crawlers off walls and freeze them mid air.

Dependencies: canUseFrozenEnemies, canUseEnemies

59 strat(s)

A precise, mid-air spring ball jump. This includes those with a relatively tight pause, jump, and morph, in order to spring ball jump just above shallow water. And those which require the jump input to be pressed near the peak of the jump, which cannot be done by buffering the jump out of the pause menu. To do this, pause as early as possible before jumping and morphing in order to have as much visibility as possible after equipping Spring Ball to time the second jump. This can also be used out of a Spring Wall or from a spin jump, in order to gain more horizontal distance before triggering the second jump. This, along with a crouch jump, is also needed in order to perform a maximum height spring ball jump. Maximum height jumps primarily have underwater applications, as it enables Samus to barely make it up 7 tiles vertically.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir

50 strat(s)

Take damage to gain invincibility frames so that Samus can run and jump on spike floors or setup a wall jump from a spike wall. Enemies provide more i-frames than spikes.

Dependencies: canCarefulJump

27 strat(s)

The ability to start an IBJ from a jump or a spring ball jump. It is most often used in strats that need Samus to IBJ up faster or to avoid something near the ground.

Dependencies: canIBJ

36 strat(s)

Maintaining running speed while morphed, by holding jump and down (to crouch) during a lateral jump, then morphing as Samus hits the ground while holding jump and transition from holding down to holding forward. Sometimes referred to as a Machball.

Dependencies: canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMidAirMorph

20 strat(s)

Using the knockback from taking enemy damage to give Samus a large movement boost by holding the jump and backwards buttons. By changing the timing of the directional input, the way that Samus is knocked back can be changed and has situational uses. Holding forward will knock Samus backwards and down. Holding jump but delaying the back button delays the horizontal damage boost to gain some neutral boost first. Very quickly releasing back and pressing forward will give a forward boost.

Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies

18 strat(s)

Navigating deep lava without lava immunity, or deep acid. This isn't required for entering shallow lava or acid in which Samus can easily jump out of.

24 strat(s)

A mid-air Spring Ball jump that starts with a wall jump to gain more height. It often benefits from the momentum change when equipping Spring Ball while morphed and moving horizontally after a WallJump.

Dependencies: canWallJumpInstantMorph, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir

15 strat(s)

A mid-air morph that has to be done in a 4-tile-high space, into a morph tunnel at the top of the space. It's a lot more precise than with more room. Turn off HiJump before attempting this.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph

7 strat(s)

Performing the same input as a mockball, but in mid-air, in order to maintain forward momentum while morphing in mid-air.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

20 strat(s)

Controlling wall jump height and positioning to dodge enemies or to wait for something.

Dependencies: canConsecutiveWalljump

10 strat(s)

The ability to pass through some enemies undamaged by shooting. May involve running through the enemy after making its hitbox inactive (e.g. Metal Pirates) or while the enemy has iframes (e.g. using Plasma).

22 strat(s)

Using unmorph as a way to reset fall speed.

8 strat(s)

The ability to open a left-facing blue or green gate from the right, using Missiles or Supers.

11 strat(s)

A precise wall jump that needs to done as late as possible by moving away from the wall in order for Samus to start the jump as far from the wall as possible.

Dependencies: canPreciseWalljump

6 strat(s)

The ability to mid-air morph immediately out of a wall jump. After the wall jump, continue holding jump in order to only need to press down a single time to morph. This is typically used in places where the morph neededs to be done quickly in order to have relatively precise positioning.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

6 strat(s)

The ability to precisely aim at grapple points while moving quickly, and precise control of Samus' speed and trajectory when releasing from a grapplable object.

Dependencies: canUseGrapple

5 strat(s)

Using two walls spaced 1 tile apart to climb upward underwater. Samus will not be able to move away from the wall while wall jumping and so will be able to continuously gain height with fast jump presses.

Dependencies: canConsecutiveWalljump, canSuitlessMaridia

3 strat(s)

Using the Samus echoes that are emitted after a shinespark bonk as a weapon to kill enemies.

Dependencies: canShinespark

3 strat(s)

Using a lateral mid-air morph to bounce off a surface with Spring Ball while retaining previous momentum.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

13 strat(s)

Taking advantage of the smaller hitbox of spinjump and down-aim to squeeze through two-tile gaps. Aiming down while jumping into a two-tile gap will allow Samus to stand up.

5 strat(s)

Using a frozen Mochtroid to climb upwards, by continually jumping as it thaws and refreezing it higher.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

3 strat(s)

The ability to follow a shot to prevent it from despawning before hitting its target. This may include aiming between enemies or waiting for the shot to travel some distance before following it.

5 strat(s)

Use X-Ray to pause time until invulnerability frames are finished. Combine with Plasma Beam to repeatedly damage enemies with one fired shot, called Microwave. If used while inside an enemy projectile or thorns, i-frames will be restarted but no damage will be taken.

3 strat(s)

Force Samus to stand up from a crouching position by canceling the use of the X-Ray Scope while turning around.

8 strat(s)

Basic variant of jumping into a two block high space and performing the actions needed to clip up through a one-tile-thick ceiling.

2 strat(s)

Setting up an enemy positioning to perform a ceiling clip. Jump and Morph onto the enemy, perform an X-Ray standup, and then jump through. The enemy positioning will require approximately 1.5 to 2 tiles between the enemy and the ceiling. Just enough to unmorph while on top of it.

Dependencies: canCeilingClip, canUseEnemies

7 strat(s)

The ability to repeatedly manipulate Yards (snails) and use them as platforms. The snail is damaging when out of its shell so Samus must face the center of the snail to cause it to hide. The snail climb consists of Samus jumping away from the snail as it becomes active, then turning around to return to the snail and resposition for the next jump. Standing on the edge of the snail and turning around underwater does carry the risk of falling off. Spring Ball can bounce on an active snail (only one bounce when underwater without HiJump). Snails can be used as single use platforms without it being considered a snail climb.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies

6 strat(s)

The ability to shoot a Super at a precise location to hit an offscreen inanimate target, e.g. a Super block.

1 strat(s)

The ability to manage reserve energy efficiently, including the following techniques: 1) Avoiding wasted energy from reserves overfilling into regular energy, either manually or automatically, 2) Preventing a double enemy hit by having only a small amount of reserve energy when auto refilling, 3) Manually refilling from reserves during a shinespark to prevent the spark from ending early due to low energy.

4 strat(s)

Notable strats

Wall jump up and midair morph to get out without needing to break the bomb blocks to the right.
Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canPreciseWalljump, canTrivialMidAirMorph

From an open doorway or adjacent room, run, jump, lateral midair morph on the way down, then bounce off the pedestal to get to the other side.
Dependencies: canSpringBallBounce, canMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment

The Crumble Block does not respawn, so it's possible to grab the items and go back up without breaking the Power Bomb blocks.

Mockball to roll over the crumble blocks without falling down, and under the gate before it closes.
Dependencies: canMockball, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMidAirMorph

Jump and freeze the Beetom at a precise location in order to jump through the crumble blocks. The pixel window is larger and higher with Morph and an X-Ray Stand Up. Two Beetom hits are assumed, but with failed attempts it could take more, possibly requiring leaving the Beetom and going back to the right to farm.
Dependencies: canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

The Crumble Block next to the Power Bomb Blocks does not respawn, so it's possible to enter from this door, grab the items, and return without breaking the Power Bomb blocks.
Dependencies: canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMidAirMorph

Break the bomb blocks then shoot a super into the morph tunnel to break the super block off screen. Requires pixel precision, although there are several pixels that work. The camera must be fully scrolled to the right, which may require going far left and back.
Dependencies: canOffScreenSuperShot, canCameraManip

Wall jump between the Rippers. Either shoot the block, fall, and quickly climb again, or shoot from the bottom and follow Samus's shot up the tower.
Dependencies: canStaggeredWalljump, canConsecutiveWalljump, canHeroShot, canPreciseWalljump

Crossing between the topmost doors of Bubble Mountain by damage boosting using a Waver.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canHorizontalDamageBoost

Farm before, during, and after the gate glitch in order to open the gate without wasting ammo or Energy.
Dependencies: canGateGlitch

Spark left through the speed blocks through Croc Speedway. Then run to the right and back to get speed to go through the rest.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canMidairShinespark, canShinechargeMovement, canShinechargeMovementTricky, canHorizontalShinespark, canShinespark, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Jump and aim down to lower the camera so the middle platform Sova starts moving. Then freeze it by aiming down, shoot the shot block, and use the Sova as a stable platform.
Dependencies: canCameraManip, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

The crumble blocks do not respawn, so it is possible to enter from the right, obtain the left item and return, without needing to break the bomb blocks.

Dive into the acid and get to the doorway high on the left wall. Note that you can wall jump climb in acid without gravity.
Dependencies: canDownGrab, canGravityJump, canCrouchJump, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canDisableEquipment, canMidAirMorph

Crouch under the crumble blocks while aiming upward, using both angle buttons then freeze the Mochtroid while it is on Samus. Jump onto the Mochtroid by quickly pressing down after jumping, when on it, press up to stand then jump through the ceiling.
Dependencies: canCeilingClip, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

Jump on the Snail when it is at a precise location, and then crouch jump through the ceiling and jump again, without moving between jumps. The Snail's positioning is very precise, but it is more lenient with Morph and an X-Ray Turn Around. X-Ray can also be useful for helping position the Snail. This clip can be used to get to the middle left door and the items in the top right of the room.

Freeze a Puyo at the correct height for clipping through the tile high ceiling, with Gravity Suit equipped. With Morph and X-Ray, freeze the Puyo at standing-shot height and then jump on top of it with a spinjump before morphing, unmorphing, and using X-Ray to standup and clip. Otherwise, freeze it on the first frame of it's jump animation for the right height.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canXRayCeilingClip, canCeilingClip, canXRayStandUp, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Shinespark diagonally into the lower Rinka Spawner while holding down, spamming jump, then pressing forward, in order to glitch through the first Mother Brain Zebetites during Samus' i-frames. The remaining Zebetites will not spawn.

Glitch through the Mother Brain Zebetites by using a frozen Rinka and i-frames. Freeze the Rinka at its spawn location, then spinjump or Down-Back onto it after acquiring i-frames to clip inside of the Zebetite, then jump through. Note that Zebetites cause i-frames but deal no damage. Ice+Wave can freeze the Rinka from above. Ice+Plasma must freeze the Rinka from below while crouched.
Dependencies: canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

Navigate Leodox Room in reverse by killing or distracting the right side pirates and manipulating or dodging the left side pirates during the shaft climb. The acid starts rising when Samus is at the bottom of the long climb. The right-side pirates can be killed while going down to prevent having to dodge their lasers during the climb. Alternatively, jump and force the pirates to shoot just before starting to climb.

Performing a Crystal Flash (CF). Initiating the Crystal Flash requires energy at 50 or lower, empty Reserve energy, 1 Power Bomb to initiate, and holding L+R+Shoot+Down with no other inputs. A Crystal Flash will refill 1500 energy at the cost of 10 Missiles, 10 Supers, and 10 Power Bombs. The Crystal Flash will also put Samus in a standing position even if she is in a Morph tunnel.

459 strat(s)

Executing a jump that requires very precise timing.

Dependencies: canCarefulJump

352 strat(s)

The ability to know which room is coming next and use that information to enter the room in a specific way. This could be achieved from remembering which rooms Samus has been to, using the map to figure out which room is coming next, etc.

82 strat(s)

Uses the uninteruptable frames of turning around in order to continue moving after hitting a solid object. Can be used to make it through an opening door, or barely just past a ledge. It is often beneficial to be in a downward pose when hitting the ceiling, in order to shrink Samus' hitbox to delay contact.

21 strat(s)

After gaining some height with a single bomb explosion from the ground, use Spring Ball to jump higher. Usable only when Samus' vertical speed is 0 (at the max height gained by the bomb).

19 strat(s)

Maintain the SpeedBooster effect while rolling as a Morph Ball in order to destroy bomb blocks in Morph tunnels. A Speedball involves performing a Mockball at faster speeds and additionally it will help to be able to perform short jumps to reduce the amount of space needed. A Speedball can also be used with SpringBall as a way to jump with temporary blue state while maintaining Samus' momentum.

Dependencies: canMockball, canCarefulJump, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

21 strat(s)

The ability to make multiple movement actions with a shinespark charge timer running to get into position to shinespark. This reposition may be necessary to avoid obstacles, conserve energy, etc.

Dependencies: canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

392 strat(s)

Maintaining the desctructive capabilities of speedbooster after running has stopped. Used to fall on top of breakable bomb blocks or enemies. Performed by storing a spark while falling off a ledge, holding angle and crouching after storing a spark, or unmorphing.

17 strat(s)

Using X-Ray to turn around in place without changing pixel position. Alternating X-Ray turnarounds with regular turnarounds enables movement in either direction even while crouched. This allows Samus to wiggle through two-tile tall passages, but only if the crouch originated from standing or unmorphing (not spinjumping).

14 strat(s)

Being proficient at avoiding metroids, and knowing where they are in the room. Metroids will charge towards Samus but keep their momentum if they miss. Shooting a metroid will stop it in place and knock it back slightly. Rinkas exist in all metroid rooms, so this tech also includes the ability to avoid Rinkas while in a Metroid room.

32 strat(s)

Using SpaceJump to carry SpeedBooster's blue suit into some destructible blocks that couldn't be reached by simply running and jumping.

15 strat(s)

Spin jumping with no horizontal movement by quickly pressing and releasing forward and then immediately pressing jump (after stopping). Doing this while holding run produces a spin jump with very low horizontal speed.

6 strat(s)

Positioning Samus at the very edge of a platform, facing away, then turning around and jumping to initiate the jump from a position that is off the platform (and slightly below it). Sometimes referred to as a corner jump.

Dependencies: canTurnaroundSpinJump, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

6 strat(s)

While standing upright in a two-tile gap between solid tiles, jump in such a way as to clip a pixel into the below floor as a setup to another tech. This is done by, in quick succession: jumping, aiming down, and then pressing forward.

7 strat(s)

Canceling an aim angle while crouching and turning around, to wiggle to the right.

6 strat(s)

The ability to break blocks above Samus while maintaining an ongoing IBJ without falling.

Dependencies: canIBJ

5 strat(s)

From a submerged platform, setting up a single bomb jump above the water line to propel Samus up and out of the water.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

9 strat(s)

The ability to jump off of a crumble block while it crumbles. A straight jump may employ the small amount of jump buffering the game offers, but a spinjump can only use the time before the crumble block breaks.

11 strat(s)

The ability to escape from the bottom of a sand pit in water without Gravity Suit. This means escaping 1-tile deep pits with a sandfall overtop without HiJump but with the help of the solid ledge or a frozen enemy. This also applies to escaping deeper sand pits with HiJump but no sandfall. This does not include deep sand pits with a sandfall or 1-tile sand pits with no sandfall. This is done by holding down and then crouch jumping to become unstuck, then transitioning to another action to ascend through the sand.

Dependencies: canDownGrab, canPlayInSand, canSuitlessMaridia, canCrouchJump

4 strat(s)

Turning around quickly so as to manipulate game physics. For using Screw Attack to break blocks and to shrink Samus' hitbox following a wall jump, and for maneuvering sharply underwater.

7 strat(s)

Using Grapple to propel Samus upwards, then continuously morphing/unmorphing/jumping in mid-air to climb upwards. This is much more lenient with HiJump.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canUseGrapple, canTrivialMidAirMorph

3 strat(s)

Clipping through an enemy by performing an uninterruptible animation while coming into contact with them. These animations include morphing, unmorphing, or performing a turnaround.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies

7 strat(s)

Moving along a 2-tile-high passage while standing up by repeatedly spin-jumping and then pressing down. The tech comes with softlock risks without Morph Ball or a way to wiggle to the right with canTurnaroundAimCancel With X-Ray, it may be easier to wiggle with canXRayTurnaround.

Dependencies: canTwoTileSqueeze

4 strat(s)

The ability to manipulate bug enemies that moves in a diving pattern (Mella, Mellow, or Menu). These enemies inch upwards or downwards with each dive, so making it dive repeatedly until it is at the proper height to execute a strat.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies

2 strat(s)

The ability to store charge beam and continue wall jumping. This is done by releasing the shoot button when trying to walljump, otherwise Samus will stop spinning. This can be used to store a charge shot or to pseudo screw through enemy projectiles.

Dependencies: canPseudoScrew

3 strat(s)

This is an option that can be turned on in the special setting mode after selecting a save file. It is required for some tech.

7 strat(s)

Jumping off a ledge while moonwalking to fall with an uncapped speed.

Dependencies: canMoonwalk

12 strat(s)

The ability to set a HUD equipment item (Missile, Super, Power Bomb, Grapple, XRay Scope) to be single use. Doing this allows for a fast beam shot following the item use, or can reduce button input complexity. The button combination is 'Item Select' + 'Item Cancel' pressed together.

2 strat(s)

The ability to gain a shinecharge in place while captured by a Samus Eater. Note that Samus maintains control of most of her abilities while captured by a Samus Eater.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies

3 strat(s)

The ability to reach targets on one side of a room by shooting Wave Beam at the right spot in the opposite wall.

1 strat(s)

The ability to time a jump up into a respawning block so that Samus gets stuck in it and can jump up again. The bottom of Samus' hitbox must be completely in the respawning block or she will fall out. Because of this, it is typically required to aim down or morph to stay in the block.

4 strat(s)

Using Morph to retain momentum when transitioning to water physics.

10 strat(s)

Notable strats

Diagonal shinespark up the climb to break the bomb blocks to the morph tunnels on the right. For the top block, spark from a crouch.

The bomb blocks can be broken by spinjumping with Screw attack and holding right, if moonfall makes Samus clip through the platform. Use the small blue platform 2nd from the top on the right side.
Dependencies: canMoonfall, canMoonwalk

Starting near the right runway, run through the bomb block passage, then jump right after exiting. Using HiJump and space jump, Samus is able to elevate enough to break through the bomb blocks blocking the Gauntlet entrance.
Dependencies: canBlueSpaceJump

Jump towards the yapping maw before it is on screen so it moves up. Quickly move it off camera so it will be `frozen` in place. Shortcharge like normal. If the Yapping Maw is returning to its hole, it will usually not grab Samus.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canMidairShinespark, canCameraManip, canHorizontalShinespark

Get to the right of the Choot on the rightmost platform. Spin jump up to the right, break spin while aligned with the wall, then freeze the Choot and stand on it while it is midair to the right of the stalagmite. Jump from the Choot to the water line and space jump at the water line to the Kamer platform.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canUseFrozenEnemies, canSpaceJumpWaterBounce, canCarefulJump, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Freeze the right-most ramp Choot in a way where Samus can climb on top of it and use Space Jump to escape the water. Use a turn around to avoid knockback when making contact with the Choot to better time the use of Ice. Freeze the Choot as far to the right (on its lowest swoop), but this method is less precise than the alternatives. If Samus is inside the Choot when it is frozen, she can continuing moving freely. Jump on top either in spinjump or in Morph Ball Use XRay to standup, clipping partially into the above slope. Use a flately jump to fall out of the wall while still keeping enough height to spacejump on top of the water and escape.
Dependencies: canTurnaroundSpinJump, canUseEnemies, canFlatleyJump, canUseFrozenEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canHitbox, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canXRayStandUp, canSpaceJumpWaterBounce, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Crouch jump down grab to get over the first two pillars. Crouch jump damage boost on the Skultera then down grab to get over the third.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canDownGrab, canSuitlessMaridia, canCrouchJump

Get a Zeb to move left into the morph passage, and reach the end of the tunnel before it. Freeze the bug at the correct height, such that it will move and be able to hit Samus while in the morph tunnel. While in the first two-tile tall region, shoot and refreeze the bug. Then go to the second two-tile region and shoot the block. Return and lure the bug such that it hits Samus and boosts her up and onto the ledge to escape. Be careful not to despawn the enemy by moving it off camera, except while it is frozen. This strat is a one-shot try and failure is a softlock.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canCameraManip, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Get a Zeb to move left into the morph passage, and reach the end of the tunnel before it. Shoot the block with Wave or while crouching with Spazer before luring the bug. Quickly lure the bug then use a mockball on the 4 tile floor before the tunnel. This strat is a one-shot try and failure is a softlock.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canMockball, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

Freeze a bug three tiles to the right of the morph tunnel entrance, directly under the tile where ceiling is higher. Jump onto the bug, crouch, and jump up. The bug must be at a very precise pixel height unless using XRay and Morph. Note that although the ceiling here is 3 tiles thick, only the bottom tile is solid; the other two are slopes pushing Samus up, allowing the trick to be done.
Dependencies: canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

Spacejump out of the water then use walljumps up to the gravity suit room door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canFastWalljumpClimb, canShinechargeMovement, canConsecutiveWalljump

A single very precise jump into the bomb blocks can break both sets of blocks with screw attack. Obtaining the item requires morph, so this strat has no soft lock risk. Alternatively, tunnel crawl through to break both blocks with multiple, less precise jumps.

Patiently and carefully lure the Beetoms to get them stuck under the platforms. Afterwards, a farm can be used to gain energy. Then jump into the thorns to get invulnerability frames and run through, while luring the Beetoms under the platforms to use the farms.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Crystal Flash in the morph tunnel to force a standup, making it possible to shoot the super block from the left while it's on-screen.
Dependencies: canCrystalFlash

This strat involves shooting a Super diagonally from the correct height while flush against the left wall. Its acceleration will cause it to clip into the blue gate off-screen.
Dependencies: canOffScreenSuperShot

The elevator can be raised by clipping a shot into the floor, shot while falling with the right amount of vertical speed. This can be done with a Missile, Super, or charged Spazer or Plasma shot, a well positioned angle Spazer shot while crouched, or an or Ice SBA.

Shinesparking horizontally into the wall will trigger the elevator as Samus's echos hit it.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canHorizontalShinespark

Start the elevator ride by using Screw Attack or Pseudo Screw in the hole. Kago the elevator to fall back in and hit the elevator again. This is much easier while the elevator is still rising, but can still be done with Morph afterwards. Unless HiJump is owned, this will need to be done once more to get high enough to get to the blue gate.
Dependencies: canKago, canUseEnemies

Perform the crystal flash all the way to the left, against the crumble blocks to prevent the elevator on the right from blocking you in. Simply jump after performing the crystal flash to jump through the floor.
Dependencies: canCeilingClip, canCrystalFlash

Jump from the Spazer Room door with speed to break the bomb blocks. Time a precise shot during the jump to clear the shot block. Note: Spazer can trivially break the shot block by shooting forward before jumping.
Dependencies: canMockball, canCarefulJump, canSpeedball, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canTrickyJump

If you wait long enough, a Waver will arrive. After it turns around to go back to the right, damage boost off of it, then follow it. Continue to hit it to get i-frames to avoid taking damage from any spikes. The amount of Waver hits can be reduced by running ahead on the spikes and taking damage from a second Waver instead of following the first Waver.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canHorizontalDamageBoost

Come in shinecharged (or shinecharging) from the top left door. With missiles selected, position Samus roughly in the horizontal center of the room. Crouch, aim up, then in very quick succession, shoot a missile upwards then spark up. If done correctly, Samus will pass the Missile, break the bomb block platforms, then be passed by the Missile which will break the shot blocks at the top.
Dependencies: canHeroShot

Climb the top of Red Tower with just Space Jump. This can be done by dodging the Rippers and shooting the block as Samus is going upward, so she goes through the block as it breaks. HiJump or killing the Rippers can help but are not required. If the Rippers are killed, this can instead be done by shooting the block while falling right as it goes off screen, then using well-timed short space jumps to go up as rapidly as possible before the block respawns.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Generate a charge on the left side and carry it through the morph tunnel and out the right door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement, canShinechargeMovementTricky

Charge a spark, then break the shot blocks, drop through, and spark out the bottom right door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

A tricky, delayed walljump makes it possible to climb to top right in-room, with nothing.
Dependencies: canDelayedWalljump, canPreciseWalljump, canConsecutiveWalljump

Perform a very tight Spring Ball jump from the Save room door runway, starting from either a crouch or spin jump, then use Grapple to barely reach the ceiling blocks.
Dependencies: canUseGrapple, canTrickySpringBallJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canPreciseGrapple, canSpringBallJumpMidAir

Guide the morph tunnel Sova on top of the shot blocks by keeping it on camera. Move the camera away once it is on top of the shot blocks. It will not move while off camera. Stand directly below the OffCamera Sova and fire up and jump to break the shot blocks. Either lower its health while guiding it, or as it begins to fall, there is time. As it falls, shoot again to freeze it at the right height. As a backup, the same Sova can be frozen on the left wall, dropped from the shot blocks again, or frozen on the right wall.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canUseFrozenEnemies, canCarefulJump, canCameraManip

Charge a spark along the bottom of Double Chamber and use it to spark through the right side door. Requires opening the door and shutter first.

This strat is only usable right to left. This room has many offscreen shot blocks. Shooting enough of them with wave + spazer or wave + plasma allows you to pass through the speed blocks. There is just enough time to pass through all of the Speed blocks before they become solid again.
Dependencies: canMoonfall, canUseEnemies, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canExtendedMoondance, canBePatient, canBeVeryPatient, canMoonwalk, canMoondance

While crossing the Spiky Lava, land on frozen Yapping Maws to reduce the number of spike hits needed. Delay the damage boost from the spikes slightly in order to rise above the lava before moving.
Dependencies: canIframeSpikeJump, canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canUseFrozenEnemies, canCarefulJump, canResetFallSpeed, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Jump and aim down to lower the camera so the middle platform Sova starts moving. Then shoot the shot block and walljump off the left side of the middle platform to reach the item.
Dependencies: canCameraManip, canPreciseWalljump

Do a series of mid-air SpringBall jumps to bring the Geruta over, then freeze it and step on it.
Dependencies: canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Break the Speedway Speed blocks by jumping over the gap with speed and continuing through the room in mockball.
Dependencies: canMockball, canCarefulJump, canSpeedball, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

Place a Power Bomb to break the Power Bomb blocks and the bomb blocks, without killing the global Sova. Wait 30-50 seconds for the Sova to get into position to be used as a platform.
Dependencies: canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

Use the moving platform (Kamer) to elevate the Gamets.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canHorizontalDamageBoost

Lead a Gamet up through the water and freeze it to cross the first moat. Freeze the Gamet before it starts moving left. Wait for it to thaw and fly over the second moat where it can be frozen again.
Dependencies: canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

Involves grappling off several Rippers, where falling may lead to a soft lock.
Dependencies: canPreciseGrapple, canUseEnemies, canUseGrapple

Gravity makes it possible to charge a spark in the acid in order to break the speed blocks.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canHorizontalShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

Charge a spark to the right, then come back, run and jump, and do a horizontal spark at the apex.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canMidairShinespark, canShinechargeMovement, canHorizontalShinespark

Freeze the Mella at a precise location in order to jump through the crumble block, then wall jump up the long channel and mid air morph to get out. The Mella pixel positioning window is larger and higher with Morph and an X-Ray Stand Up.
Dependencies: canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies

Jump on the crumble blocks to reach the Missile item location at the risk of falling through.
Dependencies: canCrumbleJump

The ability to get into the safe spot in the Golden Torizo fight, where Samus can attack while being safe from GT's standard attacks. To get into the safe spot near the door: Stand on the left side of the floor pillar for GT to jump back. Then stand to the right of the nearby background pillar. Shoot Golden Torizo by facing right and firing up. Farm drops by turning around to face left and firing up with no wide beams equipped.

One vertical spark is needed to open up the breakable blocks on the right ceiling. Then, a second horizontal spark is performed where those blocks were cleared to reveal the item.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

Run through the doorway with enough momentum to break the bomb blocks with Screw.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump

Run in the adjacent room and jump through the door, to place a Bomb to break the obstacle.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMidAirMorph

Place the Power Bombs as forward as possible in order to only need to use two. This makes it more likely to fall in the acid.
Dependencies: canTrivialMidAirMorph, canCarefulJump, canMidAirMorph

Avoid killing the Firefleas and instead freeze them as a way accross the spikes. It helps to freeze them low, closer to the spikes.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canCarefulJump, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

A well-done mid-air morph can get up and over the Fune using the boost from a projectile hit. It's best to hit the flame as soon as it spawns. It's a 2.5 tile high mid air morph. It can be performed similar to how a 2 or 3 tile high morph is performed.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Jump and Morph with a speedball to enter the morph tunnel and then use SpringBall to break the bomb blocks.
Dependencies: canMockball, canCarefulJump, canSpeedball, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph

Perform the crystal flash all the way against the left wall of the accessible tunnel, then jump through the ceiling.
Dependencies: canCeilingClip, canCrystalFlash

Spinjump off a crumble block with just a tiny amount of run speed. That gives just enough height to be able to walljump out.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump, canTrickyJump, canCrumbleJump, canPreciseWalljump, canInsaneJump

Use the Echoes created by shinesparking to defeat the Metal Pirates. This involves Shineparking into a precise point while also turning the Pirates vulnerable as the echoes reach them.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canDodgeWhileShooting, canUseSpeedEchoes, canHitbox

When coming from the Save room door, the first KiHunter can be baited by jumping into the door then walking left. The second KiHunter can be jumped past by waiting for the right timing, if it is in the way. Wait for the top KiHunter to exit the corridor and wait just below so that it will bonk the wall when it attempts to swoop, then jump past. It is possible the second and third KiHunters group up in the middle which may not be possible to pass without taking damage.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Wait for the top one to pass by. Jump down when the lower two are by the left wall and jump over them when they swoop.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Freeze the pirates to use as platforms to get up through the bomb blocks. Note that the pirates' hitboxes are larger than they seem.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canDelayedWalljump, canPreciseWalljump, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Jump with some run speed to place the power bomb high enough to break the bomb blocks. During the explosion, jump through the left wall pirate and precisely walljump to reach the upper area.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canPreciseWalljump, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canHitbox

Fight Ridley without immunity to heat damage.
Dependencies: canHeatRun

Enter on the left side of the door while aiming down and freeze the fish immediately.
Dependencies: canPrepareForNextRoom, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Morph and unmorph before reaching the transition, and then drift to the ledge. Enter the room as far right as possible.
Dependencies: canPrepareForNextRoom, canResetFallSpeed, canSuitlessMaridia

Wall jump in the room above, on the right wall of the doorway, immdiately before the door transition. Failure will likely result in a soft lock. To get to the ledge: If the room above has normal physics, hold right in this room. If the room above has water physics, shoot to break spin while holding right in this room.
Dependencies: canPrepareForNextRoom, canMidairWiggle, canCarefulJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canPreciseWalljump

Jump into the Top-Left door of the Fish Tank room from the nearby ledge using one of Gravity, HiJump, or SpringBall. This requires a very precise jump from the very edge of the ledge and risks falling into the Bottom-Left pit which may be difficult to climb back from.
Dependencies: canTrickySpringBallJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir

Clip into the Maridia Tube from above without needing to break the tube. This can be done with morph by unmorphing under the sloped tiles on the right, or with canTunnelCrawl by wedging Samus under them with a precise low jump and then performing a tunnel crawl.
Dependencies: canTunnelCrawl, canTwoTileSqueeze

Charge on the upper right ledge, and store the spark as Samus walks off the ledge to drop down onto the door. Opening the door first and moonfalling can help but is not required.

Crouch on the lowest stair, then shinespark horizontally to bonk at the top corner of the grapple block. Down grab to get onto it.
Dependencies: canDownGrab, canShinespark, canSuitlessMaridia, canCrouchJump, canHorizontalShinespark

Use a Space Jump water bounce followed by a tight mid-air morph, to get a mid-air Spring Ball jump out of the water.
Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, can4HighMidAirMorph, canTrickySpringBallJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canSpaceJumpWaterBounce

Snail Climb without movement items by better coordinating the movements of both the snail and Samus.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canSnailClimb

Quickly move next to the first set of speed blocks at the left end of the hole. Shoot a Wave shot, then just before it goes off screen, horizontally spark to the left to get through all the shot and speed blocks. A spin jump may be used to move horizontally into place much quicker.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canSuitlessMaridia, canWaterShineCharge, canShinechargeMovement, canHorizontalShinespark

Stand on a particular two pixels to the right of the dividing wall and fight Botwoon using charge beam shots. Using angle down the spot is where Samus' front toe touches the wall. Using angle up, it is where Samus' front foot is on the seam in the floor.

Wait for Botwoon to spawn then use a Plasma Special Beam Attack. Use XRay to slow time and watch for a particle to overlap Botwoons head, then proceed to Microwave.
Dependencies: canXRayWaitForIFrames, canSpecialBeamAttack

Stand near the dividing wall and unleash the Plasma Special Beam Attack!

Wall jump back and forth up the shaft. It's a really long climb.
Dependencies: canConsecutiveWalljump, canSuitlessMaridia

Climb the frozen crabs Suitless without the help of SpringBall jumps or HiJump.
Dependencies: canSunkenTileWideWallClimb, canUseEnemies, canStationarySpinJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canConsecutiveWalljump, canUseFrozenEnemies

Kill Draygon by grappling to a bottom turret as you get grabbed. Avoids taking all the hits from Draygon.
Dependencies: canPreciseGrapple, canUseGrapple

Shinecharge in-room, then horizontally spark through Draygon multiple times. It takes 3 Shinesparks if that is the only source of damage onto Draygon. Be careful of taking damage at the end of a Shinespark when near walls and on the killing Shinespark.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canMidairShinespark, canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinechargeMovement, canHorizontalShinespark

Fight Draygon without gravity, but with morph.
Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia

Charge a shinespark in the bottom of Draygon's room, then Gravity jump up in order to shinespark out of the right door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canMidairShinespark, canShinechargeMovement, canGravityJump, canDisableEquipment, canHorizontalShinespark

Quickly shoot out the 3 shot blocks then horizontal spark breaking the speed blocks. Wait for the Oums to roll on their own to a place where they can be climbed. Do not stand on the Oums when they begin to attack.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canSpeedball, canSuitlessMaridia, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canCrossRoomJumpIntoWater, canMockball, canCarefulJump, canMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph, canChainTemporaryBlue, canTemporaryBlue, canSlowShortCharge

Wait inside the door frame of the Bug Sand Hole room while a Zoa rises out of the sand. Then use it to cross the room.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canHorizontalDamageBoost

Cross the Bug Sand Hole with nothing while avoiding the enemies. Juke the Yapping Maw after entering and kill the Zoa to clear a path over the sand.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canTrickyJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canPlayInSand

With a fast enough jump into the Bug Sand Hole it is possible to cross over the water and land in the opposite door by morphing before reaching the ceiling.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph

Kill all the Zoas and don't pick up their drops. If the door is unlocked, stand in the doorframe and jump across the room. Otherwise, jump across the sand, starting 1.5 tiles away from the sandfall. Hold jump and forward the whole time. Samus will dip into the sand, but still make it to the other side.
Dependencies: canPlayInSand, canCarefulJump, canSuitlessMaridia

Freeze one of the Menus (bugs) in a position where you can use it to get into the morph passage. One of the easier methods is with a damage boost. Stand in the water, take a hit for positioning, and freeze the bug near but left of Samus. Then morph on top and damage boost into the morph tunnel as it unfreezes.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Use the Skultera to get onto the top right platform. There are two distinct ways to get up using the top Skultera. 1. Freeze it at the bottom of its path to the left. Crouch jump and down grab to get onto it. The positioning is very precise. 2. Freeze it about a half-tile from the right wall and very quickly stationary spin jump and quickly walljump mash to get up before it thaws. This may be easier by jumping away from the wall, towards the fish, to gain height faster.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Use Screw Attack to break the bomb block by entering from a non-water room with a spin jump. It helps to enter as low as possible and with as much horizontal speed as possible and with HiJump turned off. Depending on the setup, this may have collision oscillation, making only a 50% success when done correctly.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canCrossRoomJumpIntoWater

Gets above the grapple block by doing a well-positioned and well-timed Gravity jump following a good jump off the sand. It is also possible to do this off of a wall jump on the side immediately followed by a gravity jump. Break spin before touching the sand, and then spinjump to get a good jump off of the sand. Breaking spin after jumping from the sand will remove horizontal momentum, or a stationary spinjump can help.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canPlayInSand, canGravityJump, canDisableEquipment

Preselect Grapple and be ready to use it when entering the room. Release up or angle up before release grapple so the shinespark does not activate instantly. Use the windup frames for a shinespark to extend the duration timer.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

Use a flatley turnaround jump to get Samus inside the gap during a spinjump. Samus must jump from the left side platform.
Dependencies: canTurnaroundSpinJump, canSunkenTileWideWallClimb, canFlatleyJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canConsecutiveWalljump

Break the shot blocks with Power Beam by first rolling into the morph tunnel to unlock camera scroll for this room. The blocks can now be cleared from the left side by shooting and quickly scrolling the camera to the right a small amount. A shot from crouch will reach the bottom block by following the shot as a ball, or wave beam works from the stairs. Screw Attack is still needed to clear the bomb blocks.
Dependencies: canCameraManip

Position the Bull with beam shots before jumping into it.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canCrouchJump

Crystal flash to force a standup then spin jump up then morph to bypass the dead robot. Use Coverns to damage down if necessary. Note that if the Covern spawns on Samus while crystal flashing, it will deal large amounts of damage. To avoid this, it is recommended to kill the Covern and leave its drop, then quickly get in the morph tunnel and CF.
Dependencies: canCeilingClip, canCrystalFlash

Buffer a spinjump towards the door to jump over the top metroid and land on the middle platform. Metroids can be knocked with Beam shots to clear a path.
Dependencies: canMetroidAvoid

Kill the two Metroids with Power Bombs while avoiding damage.
Dependencies: canMetroidAvoid

Group the Metroids by descending the room. Then Kill all three Metroids with Power Bombs while avoiding damage.
Dependencies: canMetroidAvoid

Avoid all of the Rinkas and Metroids with no equipment and taking no damage. One way to do this is to bait the top Rinkas to fire upwards, and then carefully spinjump around each corner as the Metroid below passes by.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canMetroidAvoid

Take out the lower two Metroids with Power Bombs while avoiding damage. Then Kill the remaining one with three more Power Bombs.
Dependencies: canMetroidAvoid

Use at least 4 tiles of runway to gain speed, running through the transition. Hold down during and after the transition in order to aim down and squeeze under the Hopper. Then immediately run to the right to make it to the door without taking damage.
Dependencies: canPrepareForNextRoom, canTwoTileSqueeze

Spin jump into the room with Screw Attack, holding left through the transition to land near the door. Do a turn-around spin jump to the right, bonking the ceiling and overhang and then falling straight down. Then run and spin jump to the right through the Hoppers, to make it to the door without taking damage.
Dependencies: canPrepareForNextRoom, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Repeatedly using X-Ray's forced standup trick to climb up through in-bound walls. This requires Samus to be partially clipped into the wall to begin climbing, which is often set up by getting stuck in a closing door. The simplest setup is getting stuck in a right facing door in order to climb the left wall of a room. To do this, enter this room from the room to the left with a stationary spinjump moving away to touch the transition with momentum that will get you stuck in the destination door. X-Ray climbs can also be setup by allowing solid blocks to reform on Samus, or by clipping into a wall by some other means.

Dependencies: canXRayStandUp

44 strat(s)

Getting stuck in a right side (left facing) door. Starting from the room to the right, perform a dashing stationary spinjump into a doorcheck. Then, as Samus arrives in the desired room, hold down to automatically fall forward into the closing door. This requires the doorway in the room to the right to not be underwater. This is typically used to start an X-Ray Climb.

Dependencies: canStationarySpinJump

Using Speed Booster and jumping with a precise runway length in order to jump higher than with a slightly shorter or longer run. This works because of the extreme non-linearity of the speed to jump height ratio, when Speed Booster is active.

Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canTrickyJump

72 strat(s)

The ability to place a second bomb near the top of a bomb boost during an IBJ in order to ascend much faster.

Dependencies: canIBJ

21 strat(s)

The ability to make precise and potentially unintuitive movement actions with a shinespark charge timer running to get into position to shinespark. A common example is using the Shinespark Wind-Up animation to wait for a hero shot to open an off-camera door.

Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

134 strat(s)

Performing a canWaterShineCharge in a shorter runway by using a stutter that is greatly extended by the water slowdown. Perform a stutter shortly before entering water, typically through a door transition, by briefly releasing and then repressing forward before, but as close to, the transition as possible while continuing the dash. This carries the stutter into the water where Samus will run in place while building the shinecharge, Allowing Samus to enter the water with little momentum. After entering the water, dash should be held the entire time. With Gravity Suit it is possible to do this without leaving water, with or without a room transition, by removing the suit just after stuttering. The same technique is applicable with acid.

Dependencies: canWaterShineCharge, canSuitlessMaridia

40 strat(s)

The ability to control Samus' run speed while shortcharging by releasing run after achieving blue. Being able to 4 tap is expected as that brings out the most value from this tech.

10 strat(s)

Using a mid-air Spring Ball jump twice during a single jump to gain even more height. This consists of a tight variant of mid-air Spring Ball jump, then turning off Spring Ball, then a second mid-air Spring Ball jump all while still climbing upwards. This is typically used underwater with HiJump, but it is technically possible in lava without HiJump or to perform more than two Spring Ball jumps in acid.

Dependencies: canTrickySpringBallJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir

12 strat(s)

While performing a stationary vertical jump, it's possible to mid-air morph in a manner similar to a lateral mid-air morph. Doing this immediately gives lateral momentum equivalent to maximum walk speed. This is meaningless under normal physics, but has underwater applications.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

14 strat(s)

A technique for mid-air morphing in a 3-tile-high space in air physics, or a 2-tile-high space in water physics. The key point is that pausing can be used to morph much faster than double pressing down. "R" means holding angle aim before the first down press so Samus has a smaller hitbox for slightly more space to work with. 1) Hold angle aim (up or down) and down while in a crouching position. 2) Pause and jump as late as possible. 3) Release all inputs during the pause screen. 4) Hold jump and down and forward after the pause screen clears but before game control resumes.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment

9 strat(s)

Using HiJump to escape the waterline during a Space Jump Water Bounce.

Dependencies: canSpaceJumpWaterBounce, canSuitlessMaridia

13 strat(s)

Getting up into a morph passage from a 3-tile-high space by mid-air morphing off of a wall jump. This is easier from an opposite wall. After the wall jump, continue holding jump in order to only need to press down a single time to morph.

Dependencies: canDisableEquipment, canMidAirMorph, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canPreciseWalljump, canTrivialMidAirMorph

9 strat(s)

Setting up an enemy positioning to perform a very precise ceiling clip. The enemy positioning will require a 2-3 pixel precision range, several pixels lower than what is possible with an X-Ray standup. A crouch jump is then required to clip through.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canXRayCeilingClip, canCeilingClip, canCrouchJump

9 strat(s)

Climbing a wall with consecutive wall jumps very quickly, e.g. for setting up a full halfie.

Dependencies: canConsecutiveWalljump

9 strat(s)

The combination of a crumble quick drop, and landing on a lower surface and jumping back over the crumble block before it re-forms.

3 strat(s)

A Horizontal Bomb Jump (HBJ) uses three bombs to execute. Place a bomb to get boosted horizontally; place a second bomb immediately as Samus is propelled. Place a third bomb, mid-air, as far horizontally as possible while still being able to return and get propelled by the second and then third bombs.

Dependencies: canBombHorizontally

6 strat(s)

The ability to gain extra distance meerly by turning Springball on or off. When equipping or unequipping Springball while Morphed, Samus' speed is reset. If rising (and not in liquid physics), the horizontal speed is set to full roll speed. If falling, the vertical speed is set to zero and horizontal speed is reset unless SpeedBooster is equipped.

Dependencies: canDisableEquipment

22 strat(s)

The ability to move while maintaining Temporary Blue. This can be done by jumping, releasing angle, then doing a mid-air morph on the descent, using mockball inputs. Afterwards, hold angle again while soft unmorphing and continue to hold angle after landing. Hold forward the entire time while morphed after the mockball inputs to prevent losing Temporary Blue. It is possible to use this alongside canXRayTurnaround to change directions during a Temporary Blue chain.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph, canTemporaryBlue, canTrivialMidAirMorph

38 strat(s)

Setting up a Crystal Flash in a 3 tile high space with bombs to clip into the above tile. This requires bombing once to place the power bomb against the ceiling, then bombing again to position Samus for the Crystal Flash. This trick has a 2 frame window. If below crumble blocks, hold down to break them. Usually only useful when the crumble blocks do not respawn. If below a single solid tile, Grapple can be used immediately when the Crystal Flash finishes to place Samus above it.

Dependencies: canCeilingClip, canCrystalFlash

A tech that involves mid-air morphing to place a bomb or Power Bomb, then mid-air unmorphing to briefly hover above the bomb, in order to use the bomb blast to go just a bit higher than max jump height.

5 strat(s)

The ability to change the bomb placement timing in order control the speed with which you gain height. This is typically used to avoid an enemy moving in Samus' path above.

Dependencies: canIBJ

5 strat(s)

The ability to pause in order to avoid death while reaching 0 Energy. Energy must be obtained before the unpause fade-in finishes, either by picking up an Energy drop or refilling with Reserve Energy.

Dependencies: canManageReserves

13 strat(s)

The ability to accurately place a bomb or Power Bomb in mid-air following a wall jump, then using that bomb explosion to propel Samus forward. There is a timing component where the bomb is placed while rising then hit while falling, and a momentum component for maximizing horizontal distance.

Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

4 strat(s)

The ability to skip the Baby Metroid health drain. The Baby Metroid skip has three parts: The first jump, repeated jumps over the baby while clearing the vines, and the final jump into the transition. The classic skip, with this tech, assumes HiJump, Wave Beam, and Morph Ball. Speed Booster can help, but only changes the first jump.

Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canDodgeWhileShooting

2 strat(s)

The ability to start an IBJ from sand. Jumping from the top of sand into an IBJ takes more precision than a standard jump into IBJ. Escaping a shallow sand fall does not require this tech, but there is a section of Maridia's West Sand Hall which would use a Sand IBJ.

Dependencies: canPlayInSand, canJumpIntoIBJ, canIBJ

4 strat(s)

A continuous wall jump (CWJ) consists of a wall jump without turning around. It can be done by spinjumping forward and then wall jump off a solid object to retain all forward momentum. The more speed Samus has, the smaller the frame window for the CWJ. A slow CWJ uses a wall or ledge near the initial jump point, while a fast CWJ will wall jump using the opposite side of a more distant platform.

Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

2 strat(s)

Breaking the sand line while exiting a sandfall at the same time can be used as a way to gain an irregular amount of height.

Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia, canPlayInSand

The ability to use an enemy to extend the length of a runway. This is typically set up with a frozen wall-crawler, but can include other frozen enemies or Snails, Trippers, etc. The enemy can be up to 3 pixels higher than the adjacent runway and still have benefits. At 3 pixels above the runway, Samus can run off of the enemy and not lose speed, which is often useful for cross-room speedy jumps and jumps into water. At 2 pixels above, single-stutter shortcharges often fail and multi-stutters are unreliable. At 1 pixel above, multi-stutters are fairly reliable. A pixel-perfect positioning is necessary when using an enemy to bridge a gap, where Samus needs to run onto and off of the frozen enemy. If the enemy is even 1 pixel lower than the runway, it cannot be used.

Dependencies: canUseEnemies

85 strat(s)

Setting up a Crystal Flash with only a 10 Power Bomb capacity, by picking up a Power Bomb in between placing the first Power Bomb and activating the Crystal Flash.

Dependencies: canCrystalFlash

12 strat(s)

Exiting a door transition while grappled, in order to initiate a teleport in the next room. The position to which Samus teleports corresponds to the position of the grapple block in the first room. The corresponding position in the destination room (counting tiles from the top-left corner of the room) must have a block to which Samus can remain grappled (e.g. a solid block would work but air would not); otherwise the teleport will not occur.

Dependencies: canUseGrapple

123 strat(s)

Carefully controlling the height and timing of Space Jump in order to carry momentum, and possibly blue speed, across substantial distances to specific locations.

5 strat(s)

Uses the uninteruptable frames of morphing or unmorphing in order to continue moving up after hitting a solid object above. Can be used to make it barely just past a ledge.

2 strat(s)

Notable strats

Use the runway near the Power Bomb room door to jump towards the Gauntlet Entrance room Bomb blocks and break them using the temporary blue effect from SpeedBooster. Using the full runway, a one tap shortcharge where the tap is at the top of the lowest slope, jump and then Morph once Samus begins descending to bounce through all of the Bomb blocks. A controlled release of the jump button works in place of the shortcharge, where the bottom of the thick dark line in the background at the top of the room works as a visual cue.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

This strat is fairly precise. All jumps should be as small as possible. Using at least one-tap short charge, jump off the ledge and descend as much as possible while keeping space jump active. Once approaching the wall, be sure to jump again to continue through all of the bomb blocks. If HiJump is available, it is much easier to use the blue space jump strat from the ground.
Dependencies: canBlueSpaceJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump, canTrickyJump

Walk off the ledge (rather than running off), aim down, and shoot. Depending on your momentum coming in, if Zebes is awake you may need to shoot down twice, once to kill the Geemer and once to open the door. Press forward against the floating platform to make it through the door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

This is a series of precise space jumps that clears a path through the room while avoiding the solid walls.
Dependencies: canBlueSpaceJump, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Get a Zeb to move left into the morph passage, and reach the end of the tunnel before it. Must be quick enough to shoot the shot block first. Requires a mockball on the 4 tile floor before the tunnel. This strat is a one-shot try and failure is a softlock.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canMockball, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

Preopen the door and shotblock, then go back and charge a shinespark. Springball through the short morphball tunnel to just have enough time to shinespark out the door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

Use walljumps to climb from the ocean floor up to the gravity suit room door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canFastWalljumpClimb, canShinechargeMovement, canConsecutiveWalljump

Enter the room while building a shinespark and use it on the lowest part of the ramp to diagonally spark up and out of the water. Use very low jump height space jumps to carry momentum to the far side of the submerged ramp. Both Choots must be killed. Using Screw Attack: stay a little bit high in the water so that it remains active for the second Choot. Using Plasma or ammo: kill the first Choot while running down the middle platform, and the second while gliding above it after spacejumping through the water. Then shinespark up and use SpaceJump to reach the door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canTrickyJump, canShinechargeMovement, canCarefulJump, canMidairShinespark, canHorizontalShinespark

Find the Choot that is closest to the surface of the water, crouch jump under it and damage boost onto the dry platform to the left.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canHorizontalDamageBoost, canCrouchJump

Speedball through the morph tunnel and use it to break the bomb blocks in front of the hidden Missile location. This can be done using Spring Ball, or by unmorphing and using temporary blue to bounce through the bomb blocks.
Dependencies: canMockball, canCarefulJump, canSpeedball, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canTrickyJump, canSlowShortCharge

Gain temporary blue at the end of the runway. Then spring ball bounce through the tunnel. Press pause while exiting the tunnel. If Samus bounced far enough right, disable spring ball (a 'spring fling') to make it directly onto the item pedestal, chaining temporary blue from there. Otherwise, unpause without disabling spring ball, and chain temporary blue by landing on the ground.
Dependencies: canSpringBallBounce, canSpringFling, canDisableEquipment, canSpeedball, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMockball, canCarefulJump, canMidAirMorph, canTrickyJump, canLateralMidAirMorph, canChainTemporaryBlue, canTemporaryBlue

It's a long Wiggle, but you can see the item before going in too far. Spin jumping directly into the tube will disable X-Ray, so enter aiming down to standup first.
Dependencies: canTwoTileSqueeze, canXRayTurnaround

Build up some run speed and then extend the Grapple Beam through the Blue Gate, while jumping, to open it from the wrong side.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Run from left to right to gain a shinecharge, then immediately moonfall down the shaft. There is just barely enough time to shoot the door open (if not already open) and spark out.
Dependencies: canMoonfall, canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement, canMoonwalk

Stand in the pit and freeze the Beetoms by shooting up. Keep them all separated and equally spaced apart to maximize the length of the runway. Freeze the Beetoms that aren't currently in use to avoid them from attaching to Samus and stacking together.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canUseFrozenEnemies, canEnemyExtendRunway, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Break the "Spore Spawn Skip" bomb blocks (from the left) using only speed. Either by jump morphing into them, or by falling and bouncing through them with Temporary Blue.
Dependencies: canOffScreenSuperShot, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canMidAirMorph, canTemporaryBlue, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canLateralMidAirMorph

Quickly jump and precisely shoot the super block and in the same motion take out the bomb blocks with a speedball.
Dependencies: canMockball, canCarefulJump, canSpeedball, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canTrickyJump, canSlowShortCharge

Shinecharge towards the top right door. Then turn around for a fast mockball after jumping the bug pipe.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canMockball, canShinechargeMovement, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

Raise a Zeb to be just below the crumble blocks and blindly freeze it to set up an ice clip to reach the Power Bomb room exit door. Get a bug from the pipe to spawn facing left and freeze it while moving to the ledge below the Hopper room door. While crouched, a spazer or wave beam shot will shoot through the floor in front of Samus. The bug must be frozen at a height between where Samus is crouched and where she is standing. Once frozen, somehow track how long until the freeze effect expires, and when the bug will reach the crumble blocks. If the bug is off camera when not frozen, it will despawn. Refreeze the Zeb below the crumble blocks and ice clip up to reach the door.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canPreciseCeilingClip, canCeilingClip, canCrouchJump, canStaggeredWalljump, canConsecutiveWalljump, canCameraManip, canXRayCeilingClip, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

To minimize damage from the Hoppers, get stuck in the door relatively high and move quickly. Climb up somewhat less than 1 screen, until Samus' head appears between 1 and 3 tiles below the door. Then perform a turn-around spin jump to the right to get on top of the Grapple block.
Dependencies: canXRayStandUp, canXRayClimb

Quickly wall jump up the right wall and shinespark up to barely get above the speed blocks without any tanks.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canFastWalljumpClimb, canShinespark, canConsecutiveWalljump, canShinechargeMovement, canMidairShinespark, canHorizontalShinespark

Perform a quick-drop through the Crumble block, and grab the item. During the item message box, buffer the inputs to turn around to the right and jump. Perform a wall jump by briefly releasing and repressing jump (while continuing to hold right) after hitting the respawning crumble block, to clip up through it.
Dependencies: canQuickCrumbleEscape, canPreciseWalljump

A precise strat that involves crossing both gaps by dboosting off Wavers. The Wavers are also used for iframes to avoid taking damage from any spikes.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canHorizontalDamageBoost, canCarefulJump

Cross the gaps by freezing multiple enemies or by refreezing a Waver while standing on it. Be careful running on frozen enemies. Freeze the final Waver high and walljump up, or wait for the second Waver to come back.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canCarefulJump, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Jump to the door leading to X-Ray either by jumping from spikes or with a very precise jump. Cross the room by Jumping atop the spikes. Taking enemy damage can be used to reduce some spike damage. The final jump can either be made by jumping from the bottommost spike stair or from the safe stair. Setup run speed atop the spike stair by holding forward to be pushed backward. The safe stair jump is much harder, but can be made without every pixel of runway.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Jump from the safe spot on the spikey stairs and use the momentum change from equipping SpringBall to move closer to the door's platform. Then SpringBall jump to reach the door.
Dependencies: canTrickySpringBallJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringFling, canSpringBallJumpMidAir

Requires switching between single and double IBJs. While Doubles are not techincally necessary, they make the strat more bearable.
Dependencies: canIBJ, canDoubleBombJump, canStaggeredIBJ

Starting on the right ledge at the bottom of Red Tower, wall jump just below the middle plant, just above the top ripper. Place two bombs out of the wall jump landing on the first bomb and getting boosted by both. While rising, place two more bombs for a second HBJ. Colliding with the side of the ledge after the third bomb can help.
Dependencies: canWallJumpBombBoost, canMidAirMorph, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canHBJ, canBombHorizontally

Break the shot block, then gain a shinecharge while sliding off the ledge, down toward the bottom right door.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement, canShinechargeMovementTricky

A very low horizontal speed is needed to drop down and break the block without hitting the corner to the left or the block above the bomb block. Or with Temporary Blue, Samus can bounce into the bomb block.

Use a very well timed and precise walljump into morph to hit the global Sova so that the damage bonks Samus up to the door ledge. Aim for the lowest part of slope looking wall tile, where it does not look possible to make contact with a walljump, and fully delay the jump. To try again, the Sova loops to the left side wall. Or a Super can knock it off the wall to climb the right side again.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canInsaneWalljump, canDelayedWalljump, canPreciseWalljump, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMidAirMorph

This is a precise strat which requires maximum run speed. Perform a spin jump right next to the left wall. Shoot the block as Samus is about to leap through it, and land next to the door. A down grab makes this a little easier.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump

This is a precise strat which requires maximum run speed. Jump when passing under the floating platform and barely avoid hitting the rightmost wall. Wall jump on the horizontal spire near to the door.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump

Crouch jump and let the Sova move into Samus from the right, to get a upward boost, then hold left to boost horizontally to the ledge. Then crouch jump from the slope on the left, and morph into a neutral damage boost.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canHorizontalDamageBoost, canCrouchJump

Position Samus into the bottom right corner, using invulnerability frames run then jump while on the crumble blocks. It is possible to use a damage boost on the Ripper to save energy and position Samus into the corner.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump, canTrickyJump, canIframeSpikeJump

Store the shinespark on the last possible pixels of runway. Quickly drop to the nearby namihe and damage boost using its flame. Hold the damage boost until just before being below the above platform and spark upwards
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canNeutralDamageBoost, canShinechargeMovement, canShinechargeMovementTricky, canUseEnemies, canHorizontalDamageBoost

Double springball jump out of a walljump starting from the top of the left wall Namihe.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canDoubleSpringBallJumpMidAir, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canPreciseWalljump, canTrickySpringBallJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canSpringwall, canSuitlessLavaDive

Use the bottommost right side namihe to generate a flame and walk with it to the bottommost left namihe head Use a turnaround animation as Samus is hit by the flame to cancel out knockback frames. While invulnerability frames are active, walljump up the spikes either 2 or 3 times and jump accross to catch the middle wall and climb from there.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canIframeSpikeJump, canStaggeredWalljump, canCarefulJump, canConsecutiveWalljump, canFastWalljumpClimb, canCameraManip, canSuitlessLavaDive

Delay the damage boost from the spikes slightly in order to rise above the lava before moving.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canCarefulJump, canHorizontalDamageBoost, canIframeSpikeJump

Uses a bomb boost at the end of a mid-air SpringBall jump. Also requires a crouchjump and downgrab to complete the maneuver.
Dependencies: canDownGrab, canUnmorphBombBoost, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canCrouchJump, canSpringBallJumpMidAir

Ride the Geruta left to reach the missile location by freezing it repeatedly. Stay on its left side when it touches the ceiling for the enemy to continue moving forward. It may not be possible to climb back up to the Geruta if Samus falls. When it moves towards the ceiling, reset Samus' fall speed using an unmorph or by taking knockback damage, in order to wait for the Geruta to fall low enough to refreeze.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canCarefulJump, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Place a Power Bomb to break the Power Bomb blocks and the bomb blocks, without killing the global Sova. Wait 30-50 seconds for the Sova to get into position. Crouch jump, morph, and hold right against the wall, hitting the Sova from below while near the peak of Samus's jump. Continue holding right to pass through the Sova and onto the ledge above.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canCarefulJump, canCrouchJump

1- Stand near the farm point, on the edge of where you make Gamets spawn. 2- Wait for the water position to be high. 3- Move to make the Gamets spawn. Moonwalk is useful here. 4- Quickly climb up to the last ledge before the door. 5- Run, jump, dboost off a Gamet. 6- Dboost a second time off the Gamet to cross the second moat.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canHorizontalDamageBoost

Doesn't require opening the bottom right door. Just using the available space and jumping late enough. It does require killing the Gamets and leaving the drops there so they don't kill your momentum.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyDashJump

The blocks can be broken if you can generate a blue suit using the previous room's runway, and carry it to the blocks by slowing floating down with Space Jump.
Dependencies: canBlueSpaceJump

A particularly precise springwall. Aim the walljump at the bottom of the second sloped wall fixture, where it looks like you cant jump off of. Optimize pause timing, use an instant morph, and get a max height springball jump. A delayed wall jump helps.
Dependencies: canSpringFling, can3HighWallMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canPreciseWalljump, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canTrickySpringBallJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canSpringwall

Store a shinespark near the Grapple Room door and use the remaining runway to jump as far as possible to the right. Once near the acid platforms, Shinespark diagonally to reach the Missile Location.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canShinechargeMovement, canMidairShinespark, canHorizontalShinespark

Midway through the fight, use a Crystal Flash to refill Samus' energy. Crystal Flashing while standing in the safe spot at GT's feet is safe.
Dependencies: canCrystalFlash

Store a shinespark and break the Screw Attack Room bomb blocks from above in order to collect the item and shinespark out. Screw Attack is easier to excute but has fewer shinespark frames to work with. Using Temporary Blue is difficult to initiate but moves through the room quickly.
Dependencies: canShinespark, canShinechargeMovement

A paricularly precise mid-air morph can get up and over the Fune without damage. Stand a half tile away from the Fune when jump morphing for a higher ceiling. It's a 2.5 tile high mid air morph. It can be performed similar to how a 2 or 3 tile high morph is performed.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump

Manipulate the Three KiHunters to avoid all of them when entering the room from the Save room door. Stop on a dime on entry for positioning, because it is precise. Wait 1 second then Morph and roll left, past the swooping kihunter. Quickly jump to the higher level and run into the left wall. Wait there for half a second; it helps to jump into the wall. The 2 KiHunters should be grouped above Samus and out of the way.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canStopOnADime

Deal an exact amount of damage to a wall pirate to freeze it while breaking the bomb blocks with a power bomb without taking damage. Wait briefly on the left side of the center platform, then jump and shoot 4 missiles at the top pirate. Walljump up the left wall such that the lower pirates are on screen long enough to jump accross to the left. Place a Bomb on the left wall to hit the top pirate when it jumps over, followed by a power bomb. Unmorph precisely below the middle pirate so both top pirates will jump back to the right, and begin charging Ice. Walljump up the left wall with charge held and freeze the top pirate when it jumps over and use it to reach the upper region.
Dependencies: canWalljumpWithCharge, canUseEnemies, canUseFrozenEnemies, canPreciseWalljump, canPseudoScrew, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMidAirMorph, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canResetFallSpeed, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Deal an exact amount of damage to a wall pirate to freeze it while breaking the bomb blocks with a power bomb without taking damage. Quickly move to the right side and walljump up to the right height to power bomb out the bomb blocks, double hitting the top wall pirate. Wait for the full power bomb effect to end and wall jump once on the right wall and hit top pirate with 1 missile and 1 super. Jump and shoot the top pirate with a charge+ice shot. Hold a charge and walljump up the left wall and freeze the top pirate when it jumps across. Use the pirate to jump to the higher area.
Dependencies: canWalljumpWithCharge, canUseEnemies, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canUseFrozenEnemies, canPreciseWalljump, canPseudoScrew, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Avoid the bottom pirates and jump high enough to break the bomb blocks with a power bomb. During the explosion, climb the right wall passing through any pirates and use a movement item to reach the top.
Dependencies: canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canPreciseWalljump, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canHitbox

Roll under the Dessgeegas until all three move off camera and stop chasing Samus. Roll directly from the Morph tunnel, past the first Dessgeega. Stop and let it jump left of Samus, then move it off camera on the next jump. Back away from the Left ground hopper then roll under it. Lastly, manipulate the ceiling hopper off camera if it has followed Samus this far.
Dependencies: canCameraManip

Break the Power Bomb statue leaving 1 row of blocks. Partially clip between the Power Bomb blocks and the solid tiles beneath. Wait for a Dessgeega to jump over head and jump into it. The left ceiling Dessgeega works better. Damage boost to the right and use I-Frames to run through all of the enemies.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canPartialFloorClip, canSpeedball, canCeilingClip, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canMockball, canCarefulJump, canHorizontalDamageBoost, canMidAirMorph, canHitbox

Climb up about half a screen. If Phantoon is dead, the last part of the climb should be done carefully to avoid triggering collision with the spikes: Do not press forward or turn-around except while X-Ray is active. For each X-ray stand-up, release the turn-around input quickly to make sure that it is not still held after X-Ray deactivates. Once Samus is high enough, unequip X-Ray, jump up (from either standing or crouch) to clip past the spikes, and land, taking a single spike hit. Then use the i-frames from the spike hit to run and jump to the left to make it to the door. Samus is high enough after the top of her arm cannon first becomes visible at the bottom of the screen; or up to 3 additional climbs can be performed after that point. In case of an accidental spike collision, it is possible to recover: Unless Samus climbed higher than needed, she will still be stuck in the wall, will take a single spike hit, and be able to continue climbing. With Grapple it is possible to swing on the Grapple blocks, avoiding all spike damage. Spike damage can also be avoided with Space Jump, by doing a stationary turn-around spin jump, which is very precise.
Dependencies: canXRayStandUp, canXRayClimb

The tricky part is getting to the ledge below the missiles. There are two ways to do this: 1. Stand on a frozen crab with a frozen fish at the lowest height of its cycle to the right. Further to the right is better as long as it can be stood upon without the ledge above. Perform a stationary lateral midair morph into a max height spring ball jump to get onto the fish before it thaws. Press against the fish for the maximum amount of time possible while moving upwards in order to gain more height in order to get on top of it. 2. Freeze the global crab on the right wall, get onto it and up and onto the frozen fish before it thaws. Be careful not to fall through the crab. A fail will require Samus to reset the room, or wait a very long time in order for the crab to circle the room. Using a Super may make the crab fall on a floating platform, and it still takes more than a minute to return. Note that it is possible to turn off ice beam to immediately thaw any frozen enemies; this can help get the crab and fish in a good cycle with each other.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canTrickySpringBallJump, canTrickyJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canCarefulJump, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Use a super to knock off a crab and freeze it mid-air. Then get on that crab, possibly using a door ledge Freeze a second crab on the edge of the hole above.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canMidAirMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Freeze one crab on the lip of the overhead opening and another on the edge of a doors platform then springballjump up. Use a Stationary Lateral Mid-Air Morph to gain enough jump height without bonking the ceiling. It is possible with a crouch jump to not need the second crab.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canUseFrozenEnemies, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canStationaryLateralMidAirMorph, canTrickySpringBallJump, canCarefulJump, canTrickyJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canLateralMidAirMorph, canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies

Use a Cross Room Jump into Water followed by a delayed Momentum Conserving Turnaround to reach the Morph tunnel above. Climbing the Left side of the center hole will run into an unavoidable Scisor. Crossing to the right from the left door requires slightly more runway and takes a more precise turnaround or morph timing which slides along the ceiling. Samus must also stay near a side of the center hole to reach the Morph tunnels.
Dependencies: canMidAirMorph, canSuitlessMaridia, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canCrossRoomJumpIntoWater, canMomentumConservingTurnaround

Requires a very precise stutter where Samus is moving slow enough while near the gate, so she can shoot it and it is fully open before she collides with it. A runway in the adjacent room of 2 tiles works best - with a longer runway, Samus will be moving too fast.
Dependencies: canShinechargeMovementComplex, canShinespark, canDodgeWhileShooting, canSuitlessMaridia, canShinechargeMovement, canWaterShineCharge, canStutterWaterShineCharge

This is particularly precise, and requires subpixel precision.
Dependencies: canInsaneJump, canCarefulJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canTrickyJump

Starting from the top left ledge, wall jump to place a bomb or Power Bomb just below and to the right of the bottom left plant on the wall. Use the bomb to boost you towards the item, then unmorph to reduce your fall speed and barely reach the item.
Dependencies: canWallJumpBombBoost, canMidAirMorph, canWallJumpInstantMorph, canTrivialMidAirMorph

Cross the Colosseum by using the Mochtroids as frozen platforms. Some Mochtroids need to be led into the water either from the previous section of room or from jumping high in the current section. Mochtroids are most stable to climb when they are against a wall.
Dependencies: canUseEnemies, canSuitlessMaridia, canPlayInSand, canUseFrozenEnemies, canCarefulJump, canTrickyJump, canMochtroidIceClimb, canCameraManip

Use the spikes, which are not in the water, to jump from platform to platform as a way to cross the Colosseum. Requires knowing the position of every spike in the room, and hitting the spikes while morphed can help. The first jump is particularly tough. A SpringBallJump from the sand with HiJump, or Grapple can be used to get past it.
Dependencies: canCarefulJump, canIframeSpikeJump

Stay out of the water, and by extension the sand, of Colosseum by using the spikes as platforms. Morphing before landing on the spikes helps to be able to control the knockback. The final spike jump (which would be the most difficult) is avoided by doing a crouch jump into spring ball jump into IBJ to reach the left door. Perform the spring ball jump near max height. Place the first bomb between about 4 and 6 frames after the spring ball jump; ideally it should be just above the water line. Press pause between about 5 and 10 frames after placing the bomb, to disable Spring Ball (a 'spring fling', to reset fall speed). Place the second bomb soon after regaining control, while the game is fading back in.
Dependencies: canNeutralDamageBoost, canUseEnemies, canPreciseWalljump, canTrickySpringBallJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canBombJumpWaterEscape, canIBJ, canJumpIntoIBJ, canCrouchJump, canIframeSpikeJump, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canCarefulJump, canTrickyJump

Performing a grapple jump off of a Draygon turret. Usually done by bouncing off the wall for momentum.
Dependencies: canGrappleJump, canMidAirMorph, canSuitlessMaridia, canUseGrapple, canTrivialMidAirMorph

HiJump with a good jump from the sand can reach the Solid Rock Maze region. Use the sandfall if Samus gets stuck in the sand. Perform several wall jumps to climb up to the water level, then precise wall jumps to break free.
Dependencies: canPlayInSand, canConsecutiveWalljump, canSuitlessMaridia, canPreciseWalljump

Jump off of the crumble blocks consecutively while placing a bomb on the water line and convert that into an IBJ to climb the West Sand Hole maze.
Dependencies: canBombJumpWaterEscape, canCrumbleJump, canSuitlessMaridia, canMidAirMorph, canJumpIntoIBJ, canIBJ, canTrivialMidAirMorph

Use the bomb boost as Samus is going through the doorway, then spring ball after breaking the water, then ibj or use an unmorph bomb boost.
Dependencies: canSpringBallBombJump, canCrossRoomJumpIntoWater, canSuitlessMaridia

Requires a runway of at least 1 tiles in the adjacent room, although it is easier with more. Start the IBJ as far left as possible. The furthest right is just right of the waterfall. Turning around, carefully, is one way to lose forward momentum and begin the IBJ. At the top of the IBJ bomb to the left and unmorph to reset fall speed.
Dependencies: canSuitlessMaridia, canJumpIntoIBJ, canCrossRoomJumpIntoWater, canTrickyJump, canCarefulJump, canResetFallSpeed, canIBJ, canBombHorizontally

Perform the spring ball jump near max height. Place the first bomb after the spring ball jump; just above the water line. Press pause just after placing the bomb, to disable Spring Ball (a 'spring fling', to reset fall speed). Place the second bomb soon after regaining control, while the game is fading back in.
Dependencies: canIBJ, canCrouchJump, canTrivialMidAirMorph, canSpringBallJumpMidAir, canJumpIntoIBJ, canTrickySpringBallJump, canTrickyJump, canMidAirMorph, canDisableEquipment, canCarefulJump, canSpringFling, canBombJumpWaterEscape