Bowling Alley: Bowling Alley Speed Block Moondance (Leave with Stored Fall Speed)

Room ID: 161

From: 1
Top Left Door
To: 1
Top Left Door

Notable: true

Use SpeedBooster to construct a structure for Moondancing that has 1 chest height block and 1 head height block to the right of it and no other Speed blocks. Crystal Flash below the lower block, exactly pixel aligned with its right side, to standup and then begin Moondancing. After Samus sinks through the bottom tile, it is possible to use Grapple to return to a crouch and wiggle right and then Turn-Around Aim Cancel to escape to the right. Without Grapple, count to 174 Moonfalls and delicately Moonfall so as to remain crouched and then wiggle to the right. Finally, shortcharge to break the remaining Speed blocks and reach the door.


  "canShineCharge": {
    "openEnd": 0,
    "usedTiles": 16,
    "steepDownTiles": 4

Exit condition:

  "leaveWithStoredFallSpeed": {
    "fallSpeedInTiles": 1