Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room: Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room - Geemer Ice Stuck XRay Climb

Room ID: 41


Notable: true

Keep the two Geemers on screen while moving to the right side of the room. Freeze the second Geemer as it exits the Morph Tunnel, with the Crumble block. Use a Super Missile to knock the first Geemer down and freeze it at the pixel perfect height. Become stuck in the wall after using Grapple to kill the frozen Geemer as it walks through Samus, firing to the left. This re-enables XRay climbing.


  "ammo": {
    "type": "Super",
    "count": 1
  "enemyDamage": {
    "enemy": "Geemer (blue)",
    "type": "contact",
    "hits": 1