Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room: G-Mode Morph with Flashing Lights

Room ID: 41

From: 1
Bottom Left Door
To: 6
G-Mode Morph Junction Direct (Bottom)

Notable: true

The eye scanners are particularly annoying while in G-mode. They scan Samus with bright flashing lights which remain for a further distance. This is notable so a player can disable having to enter these flashing lights. If disabled, Samus will only require being in g-mode in this room if Zebes is awake.

Entrance condition:

  "comeInWithGMode": {
    "mode": "direct",
    "morphed": true


  "or": [
      "enemyDamage": {
        "enemy": "Geemer (blue)",
        "hits": 1,
        "type": "contact"